The researchers of the University of Massachusetts studied patient data from three thousand hospitals and six million patients. Medicinal cannabis as a treatment for acute illnesses and ailments such as chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, liver disease and cancer is still in its infancy, but already the prospects for this emerging scientific field look promising. Because the FDA is responsible for protecting public health, it is easy to understand its hesitancy. In fact, CBD still is classified this way if synthesized or derived from cannabis other than hemp.

There are so many different types of liver disease, and so many leading causes, it would be unwise to suggest a one-size-fits-all dose. So far the results suggest THC and CBD may have benefits for fibrosis, a condition which eventually develops into full-blown cirrhosis. For example, in rodent studies, THC suppresses something called hepatic myofibroblasts. Myofibroblast cells don’t exist in healthy livers, but proliferate (thrive and multiply) in damaged tissue, including in a failing liver.

Unfortunately, a lot of the potential benefits are anecdotal, because human studies are still really hard to do. While CBD is legal in many countries around the world, the United States still isn’t quite there yet.

According to Medical News Today, CBD oil is commonly used in treating chronic pain, epilepsy, Huntington’s disease, glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, and a myriad of sleep disorders. Studies have noted its ability to help mitigate pain associated with cancer, as well as its use as an anti-cancer drug.

For these consumers, even extremely high doses of THC may be filtered out by the liver, leaving edibles essentially ineffective on them. Aside from the potential for accidental THC overconsumption, which can certainly lead to nausea and other physical symptoms, some people may experience some digestive discomfort in response to cannabis and edibles. While this potency double-check is vital to ensure that you as the consumer get a reliably dosed edible product, it can add significant cost to the process, which must be factored in to the price of that good. When Cervantes tried CBD oil nebraska CBD, she bought it online from what she believed to be a reputable company, but she can’t be sure what was in it.

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