Affordability complaints with other bad credit lenders

These are generally in management. Unless there is certainly some proof you’ve got about your funds in 2007 – which sounds not likely – there could be absolutely nothing you can certainly do.

Many Many Thanks Sara. I’m dealing with pwc the administrator. All We have delivered them may be the two claim kinds concerning the two loans in 2012, after which found out of pwc I had one in 2007 that they also realised. I attempted to claim a bit more I had an old one as I had a feeling. Why they are able to accept two from 2012 yet not the 2007 one ? All loans had been reimbursed in complete.

Probably they can’t see any such thing on the system that suggests issues with the 2007 loan. Which may be because there had been really info that is little it.

Many Thanks truly. I’ll see just what I’m able to do.

Hi I had loans through the loan shop. I can’t find any given information regarding claiming

It had been a brand name name of Cheque Centre. Now in administration – we don’t think there was any more cash to be given out. The Finacial can be asked by you Ombudsman to be certain but this can be probably far too late.

Sorry it had been called the money shop.

They went breasts in 2014.

Okay therefore it’s to late now. Many Many Thanks

I’ve taken down loans with Payday express & Payday British in past times. Are these businesses nevertheless exchanging or in management? Possessed a loans that are few them & thinking might be worth hoping to get some redress from their store. Thank you for your entire assistance on right here

Great web site, I’ve tried it a times that are few contact information for organizations also to learn that moneyshop had been in administration nad hadn’t contacted me personally.

You can find ongoing companies i had loans with around 2010/2011 and also tried to contact them to request information on my reports but contact information we have actually from old email messages do not work and I also can’t find anything online about them. I’ve looked over your list but can’t see them here either so i’m hoping it is possible to help.

Additionally 1ststoploans or 1st stop finance. They state they usually have no information about me personally whatsoever and inititally stated it should be various business however the contact information I have actually through the loan are exactly the same as on the website now. Could I nevertheless complain if so just how, when they state they can not see any information about me personally at all?

Albermarle & Bond whom I heard had been offering to H & T but cannot find any pages that are current about this. That would I request info from for Albermarle loans? Additionally i will be uncertain for info after all this time if I paid them off due to financial circumstances, what would happen if I had not paid them off fully and I contact them? We have currently won a issue with H & T with their very own loans recently.

Thank you for the assistance,

Does anybody understand what occurred to various cash and the way I would start a problem for them? They are seen by me referenced within the list but no contact information.

The business had been dissolved in 2018. Sorry, it really is far too late to create an issue.

this site happens to be a godsend but cant appear to find any information or contact information for INSTANT CASH LOANS. any assistance?

Hello exactly exactly what took place to vivus loans please? Additionally them back continuous one after the other can you apply for a refund, where do you stand thank you so much for reading if you have an outstanding loan with company but also had previous loans out and paid

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